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Ectoplasm is a velvety smooth cream, warm fresh vanilla, and rich caramel.

Handcrafted with love, our luxurious lotion is enriched with premium ingredients that penetrate deeply to provide long-lasting hydration. The convenient pump bottle allows for easy application and ensures that you get every last drop of this perfectly balanced formula. 


Any remaining product should be disposed of after 6 months of purchase.


$12.00 Regular Price
$7.32Sale Price
    • Distilled Water (hydration)
    • Avocado Oil (moisturization)
    • BTMS 50 (conditioning)
    • Steric Acid (inflammation)
    • Sunflower Oil (antioxidant)
    • Argan Oil (elasticity)
    • Jojoba Oil (collagen)
    • Shea Butter (softening)
    • Fragrance Oil (scent)
    • Optiphen (preservative)
    • Vitamin E Oil (healing)
    • Vegetable Glycerin (humectant)
    • Mica (color)
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