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Indulge in the forbidden fruit with Scarlet Elixir, a tantalizing black cherry elixir that beckons you into its lush, dark depths. The deep merlot aroma envelops the senses, rich and intoxicating, tempting you to taste its sweet seduction.


Any remaining product should be disposed of after 6 months of purchase.

Scarlet Elixir

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$9.76Sale Price
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    • Water (hydration)
    • Glycerin (moisturizer)
    • Sorbitol (conditioner)
    • Sodium Lauroyl-Isethionate (cleanser)
    • Disodium Lauryl-Sulfosuccinate (surfactant)
    • Crushed Sea Salt (detoxifier)
    • Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
    • Tetrasodium Etidronate (salt preservative)
    • Avocado Oil (moisturizing)
    • Sugar (exfoliation)
    • Optiphen (preservative)
    • Mica (colorant)
    • Fragrance Oil (scent)
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