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Introducing our Unicorn Blood hand-poured wax melt, crafted with 100% soy wax in small batches for superior quality. This magical fragrance captures the sweet scent of Fruit Loop cereal, reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and childhood nostalgia. Let the scent of Unicorn Blood fill your home with its playful and whimsical aroma, perfect for any room of the house. Experience the enchantment of Unicorn Blood, available now for your home fragrance collection.

Unicorn Blood

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.66Sale Price
Only 4 left in stock
    • Soy Wax
    • Fragrance Oil
    • Liquid Colorant
    • Mica
  • Use only in tea-light warmers or in electric warmers approved for wax melts! Do NOT leave unattended. Keep out of reach of pets and children! Do NOT add water or melt on stovetop. Please, keep away from drafts and flammable objects and use in a well-ventilated room. ANGELIC MACABRE is not responsible for the misuse of this product! We want you to enjoy our wax melts, but we want you to be safe while doing so!

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